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A Vision

In HorasDeLuz we are dedicated since 2004 to create projects of Architecture and Design emotional and functional. We intervene in DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, INTERIORS, BRANDING brand and we develop a simple strategy for your project and your business. We use the color and light of the space studying its best optimization of itself. We make an integral management of the project, taking care of advising and directing your team so that the dates of your project are fulfilled having an excellent CONTRACT EXPERIENCE. Where we are? In spite of working anywhere due to our technology and online presence, we currently do integral architecture and decoration projects in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Due to our location in Central America we are able to move to Panama, Mexico and the US. We work as creative and strategic consulting that aims to bring value and business to brands. We do integral projects of Architecture in Nicaragua and Interiors for projects of Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, offices ... in the rest of the world. We have very comfortable monthly rates for companies and individuals where we do not lose sight of the delivery times and productivity is greater.

How we work in Horasdluz

We listen and evaluate the needs and what we would do in your case.

We set up a style Moodboard with ideas that fit the image, feelings, colors and style where the project is going to be run.

We study the color, the materials, the facilities so that everything is perfectly balanced and following the story we want to tell. Because our spaces must tell a story with sensations and unique experiences.

We deliver technical information, visual information, 3D photography when required by the project. Composition of style, furniture, technical sheets … Everything necessary for the project to be understood perfectly.

Trabajamos con espacios que crean emociones y siempre estamos dispuestos a aceptar nuevos retos creativos que nos hagan madurar profesionalmente.

In contact with Belén HorasDeLuz and her Team

  • From the minute 1 you will be in contact with our designer by the means of communication that is more comfortable for you, we will call you to confirm that everything is correct and to know that you need. Belén likes to serve its customers 1 to 1 and know what needs they have, and we will contact you whenever you need us.


  • We give you access to our online platform within our website, where you can upload all your photos and files and you will have all the direct communication updated without taking up space in your computer, or you can lose them.

pantalla plataforma

  • All our monthly meetings are done using software that allows you to see our screen and follow us at every step so you can understand what we are explaining step by step and 100%
  • We use the technology to be always connected with our clients. With our online platform they can see the progress of your project in a live meeting and we will show you the process, the advances and the development of your ideas.


Our decoration projects are aimed at …


We offer an integral decoration service for particulars, adapting to their tastes and needs from day to day. We study every corner of the house together with the client. We develop design and architecture project. We study style, color, lighting, facilities …


We have a service for companies where we offer space study, design and branding. We also develop projects in collaboration with other companies in our sector.

We work as creative and strategic consulting that aims to bring value and business to brands. We make integral projects of Architecture and Interiors for projects of Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, offices …

One by Hdl

One is the advice low cost of Horasdluz. Focused on small projects, to the details that are needed in the day to day. Our advice One is the DIY of the decoration online, where the ideas and details are personal and it is the client who realizes with our help the field work

We are travelers, we are restless and we are a team that adapts to all times to be able to work and give service from anywhere in the world.

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